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PressCheck: Monitoring Colour Standards

PressCheck is Prepress UK’s powerful family of tools for monitoring and managing colour for all output devices ensuring the production of consistent colour to an international standard such as ISO 12647-2, FOGRA, or a company’s own specific in-house standards.

PressCheck Standard

PressCheck Standard gathers and validates press run data against a chosen standard providing reports and detailed information on compliance of solid ink colour and TVI (Dot Gain). Any quality conscious printer should be monitoring how they match to their chosen print standards. PressCheck analyses and reports on the compliance of any given press sheet to the chosen standard. The PDF report produced is invaluable for communicating with the end customer and will help to set you apart from other printers, creating and maintaining confidence as well as gaining loyalty.

The instant on-screen report provides the press minder with feedback on how to change density to achieve the best colour match, and the pre-press department with vital information on dot-gain to fine tune calibration curves to achieve target colour on press. PressCheck can average dot-gain over a number of runs to provide “best fit” calibration for a range of running conditions. The data is presented on screen with user selectable graphic analysis, as well as in a PDF report format.

PressCheck allows users to determine the outcome from printing to a variety of target densities. The analysis helps with pass/fail predictions as well as with understanding the density aims and tolerance range relationships.

  • Supports the official test forms of bvdm and FOGRA
  • Supports all common measurement devices
  • Includes FOGRA reference data (ISO-characterization data)
  • ICC profiles and individual values can be used as a reference
  • Analysis by solid colour L*a*b values, dot gain and spread
  • Quick review with a simple traffic light system
  • Graphical representation of parameters and tolerances and suggested adjustments
  • Export data for further analysis or import into other systems as needed

PressCheck Colour

PressCheck Colour adds detailed colorimetric analysis of any print process, checking for compliance within user definable tolerances of any colour output, including that produced by offset press, ink jet proofer, or digital press. PressCheck Colour brings the same level of reporting and analysis of colour data to all output devices.

PressCheck Statistics

PressCheck Statistics is an add-on module for PressCheck Colour that provides additional analysis of colour quality control. All measurements for which data has been collected are transferred to this statistics module automatically. Users can now check different criteria and compare them over time – even for non-coherent timeframes. PressCheck Statistics provides a fast overview of the behaviour of a printing device or other colour critical process. In a clearly laid out diagram several criteria can be combined or viewed separately. References and tolerances will be imported from the colour control job.

PressCheck Statistics delivers information about the stability of printing produced. Any drift or deviation from the desired behaviour can be detected and counteracted by re-calibrating or re-profiling the system before excessive waste copies are produced.

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