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PressSave Colour Server

Part of the ColourLinx family of PDF colour management tools from Prepress UK, PressSave Colour Server is the affordable way to automatically optimise all your PDF and image files to reduce unnecessary ink, standardise your colour and save you between 10 and 40% ink volume.  It reduces ink costs, shortens drying times, reduces set-off and makes your colour easier to control.

  • Reduce ink cost
  • Reduce cockling (allowing use of lighter, cheaper stock)
  • Reduce drying time (for faster backing up and finishing)
  • Reduce set off (avoiding wastage and lost time)

 Not only is this product about savings on the cost of ink used, it also produces a much more accurate colour, and doesn’t over ink the sheets, meaning printing dries faster, and back-ups are both quicker to produce and more effective. The ink suppliers might not like me for it, but I can really recommend PressSave to any printer!”

- Garry Burrows, Production Director - The Print Academy

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PressSave works by the automatic application of DeviceLink profiles in our incredibly fast colour server, applying a combination of Grey Component Replacement (GCR) and Total Area Coverage (TAC) technology while maintaining pure primary and secondary colours, providing great benefits in cost, control and efficiency on press.

One thing that took us by surprise with the installation, however, was that the software has enabled us to present the digital press with files that produce more accurate output. It doesn’t actually affect our costs, as we pay for the press on a cost-per-copy basis, but flat tints have always been a bit of an issue on digital. By running the files through PressSave we are achieving a flatter more even tint on the print."

- Steve Donoghue - Director - PWPFS Print & Design

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TAC eliminates unnecessary over inking by capping the maximum amount of ink in any one area, and GCR replaces greys made with all three CMY components with pure K. These two features combine to reduce total use of ink and in particular unnecessary use of more expensive CMY inks, replacing them with more affordable black, without compromising colour integrity.

In short you use less ink without changing the overall appearance of the job.

We have been delighted with the results of PressSave. We produce a range of leaflets for a client that incorporate quite a lot of heavy solids. We were running these at the time of the trial, and were amazed at the results. It will be interesting to see the savings that it will offer over a longer period of time, but we already have confidence that it will pay for itself very quickly. Products that offer such a quick pay-back are an easy investment to make.

- Salman Malik - Owner - Print Plus UK

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PressSave Colour Server runs on Windows or Mac OS X and is configured by Prepress UK on-site to meet your exact needs and colour standards. Choose from conservative, normal or aggressive ink saving modes to balance colour fidelity with reduced use of CMY inks. Simply drop your files into PressSave’s hot-folders and receive your optimised file back along with a report on amount of ink saved.

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